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. an amber alert is in effect for an oakland girl, why police are at her father's house. and a mother and a child are hit by an suv, we will tell you what we are learning about the driver. and it is a big day in the flight of 214, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. >> i am brian flores, i, we will have to get an umbrella as
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well. 60s and 70s and 80s, here is sal. it is also good for the entire commute and we had a couple of minor things, for the most part westbound 808 and -- 880, now let's go back to the desk. we continue to follow breaking news where police are searching the home of a missing girl she was last seen with this and here is more on what police are saying about daphne's father, katie? >> reporter: oakland police have been guarding the scene
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all night and now that it is starting to become daylight, we are seeing investigators here and i am told the fbi is involved as well as the sheriff's office. here to is a picture of daphne web and he told investigators he went into a market on international. he said he left the toddler with his elderly mother while he went into the store. he said web approached him for help. >> i happened to see the car seat was empty and my heart- felt for him because the seat was empty. >> and the other woman was a woman with a disability and suffers from dementia. it is unclear if the child was
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in the vehicle to begin with. but they were at the park area. they saw assist march child who appeared to be -- a similar child who appeared to be wearing the same clothes as -- clothes as daphne web. >> we are not looking at him as a suspect, we are trying to narrow who and is asking daphne web to come forward and the last time he was not seen with anybody other than her father. at this point they are not considered a suspect and the child's mother is being cooperative as well. ktvu channel 2 morning news. we are following developing news in the east bay, a mother
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and child riding bicycles were hurt in a serious accident involving an suv. janine de la vega spoke with some neighbors who witnesss the afternoon, janine de la vega? the victim was outside and the boy was laying out under that light pole and he was knocked off his bike and it appears as though his leg was broken and we now know police were telling us this happened in our community and you can see the bike was trapped under a white suv. police tell us the victims are a mother and child and they were rushed to the hospital and
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it is unknown if their injuries are life threaten continuing. police told us that the field society test was done and it does not appear that any drugs or alcohol may have been a factor. and all of this is being sorted out and we are still trying to figure out and put together all of the witnesses statements and just from speaking to the neighbors they did say a man was also at the scene and there was a third bicycle here and that man was telling neighbors he was the husband and he was yelling at the drive again. reporting live from newark and crews are beginning to remove
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the video of am flight 2 19. they will then remove the jet fuel that that damaged to the sea wall. they will, reopen. now through head of the nets testimony and they have turned over the runway to fso and investigators are still examining the plane. they will evaluate the evidence they have collected and visit other cities and he ben to hundred and the pilot did indicate he did see a light and
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he said it was not a laser, it was temporary and when he looked back into the cabin, he could see the inn u find. they first wanted too communicate and the and investigators have interviewed 6 of the 12 attendants. the 6th flight attendant was just released. now the pilot's union is asking whether they have become too transparent. they have been tooking about saturday's crash. coming up the i am being and we are hearing some of the frantic nine nine-year-old and our
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airplane crashed upon landing, there is a fire truck or a coup and we have people who were not found and they are burned really badly. >> there is a woman out on the runway who is pretty much burned very severely and we don't know what to do. >> one of the callers said there were not enough people and some of the victims are in san francisco general hospital. we have seen family members visiting as well as businesses with china and the bay area. three testified patients include ago child are listed in critical ten and tonight we will go am in-depth and it airs
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tonight right before the 10:00 news. 0:68 is the time, -- 0:68 is -- 6:08 is the time, hopefully there are no problems at this point. >> well, and a 15 manipulate, and we are getting some crowded in richmond and el cerrito which is normally the case. when you get down to the toll plaza, the metering lights are about to go on and still the fast track lanes are, in fact i fact and we have a few minutes before it gets crowded. and 101 through and there is a
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lot in the with you a of low clouds. concord has some in buchanan reportings as well. am and there is a lot of tropical clouds and you can see some of the rain down towards san diego, oceanside, san diego, even from palm springs and las vegas, it being the cloud cover. we just got very close, now drier air is coming in, some of the central sierra and morning clouds up in tahoe and chuck e. we don't have to worry about going east and there is two little systems coming in. for and over the next two days,
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and even walnut creek and concord 52. gusts up to 32 and 33 in fairfield and now 22 in fairfield, concord 13 and that's a west wind in place and that means temperatures will be coming down for the inland areas. cloudy muggy and humid and for he is we head pack to coast, of 0s -- 60s and 67 oz coast day bay. and i am still and it does look warmer away from the coast sunday and monday. there are new questions being raised about diet soda.
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am. >> they want to prove they fought government surveillance programs, the court battles live in a few a few minutes.
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. we have the latest report of flooding in the colorado springs area in the last year's deadly canyon fire. more than a half inch of rain fell causing mud to flow into 20 houses. officials have been warning about it in areas of devastated, it flowed in homes and it happened south of santa rosa. the chp said a car ran into a parked car and hit the pedestrian, the person later died at the hospital and the driver told investigators he tried hitting a dog that ran in
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front of its am car. the fire started in an upstairs unit an injured more than 2 people. -- 20 people. the cause of that fire is still under investigation. yahoo is asking the court to unseal court files. as kyla campbell reports, these files show they strongly objected to government is your villans. >> this the arc this was -- this was revealed by the mercury news. government agency wanted information from yahoo but yahoo lost and had to give the feds information. a yahoo now faces lawsuits and
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sees, revealing these details helps better understand the court surveillance process. this all came after edward snowden revealed details on u.s. gathering. a government decides mr. by why who, we did no stops and i will have the latest development and continuing argument will continue in a richmond gang rape. they face life in prison if they are convicted in the brutal rain of a -- rape of a 16-year-old girl outside of the homecoming dance. he said he only watched and did
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not take place. doctors say he had a stroke while being treated at a hospital. he is now in critical condition after under going academy a posthumous sick award as well. and they are back in the field and several protested a lack of pay and did not show up for tuesday's game but they were back in uniform to host the santa rosa rose buds and they have more on what is causing their jobs to be put in jeopardy. on tuesday local 10 locals
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blocked trucks filed by by lisa free which could cause them to lose their jobs. 6:18 we are into the heart of the morning commute, and the other part of the heart is 8. we have been pretty lucky this morning dave and pam and even the crashes we had have not caused as much and there are no meaning problems as up drive through once you get. >> on to the bridge. it is very typical. we are looking at interstate 880, as you look past the
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coliseum and we had and earlier crash at the 680 interchange and traffic is slow and in livermore, it is one of the reasons it is not terrible. 6:19 let's go to steve. they have a lot of low clouds and fog and those of you who are waiting for that west wind, the cloud deck is pushing well into areas that didn't have any clouds or fog. but tropical clouds not only and now drier air is coming in and up to reno it is a little muggy for them which is not
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something and they are now 49, yet 90s for some and up in lake county afternoon temperatures have been hot and we lose the high every clouds and mid-level clouds and a lowell cooler deck, most low days testimonies will be 60s on -- most locations will be 60s on the coast and menlo park 60s, fog sun, nice, cooler tomorrow, slight warmup inland and sunday and monday. t- mobile is inn trove duesing what they call the jump plan. that stands for upgrade my
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phone. now customers can stop paying on their current phone if they upgrade to that which paid 21.6 police dollars in spring nextel and it will now use only the largest carrier in the u.s. and we have more on the possible behavior behind the unrulely behavior. we can see a successful landing and we will have more on what went terribly wrong. look at 'em.
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olacaceae the top -- you can see the top shows it hitting the sea wall and it landed at fso yesterday. you can see how it is approaching much faster than 214 did on saturday. and the ntsb is catching
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flack for post being its investigation and they are stunned by the quantity of flight information that is being made public. they are questioning whether this transparency may lead to a dangerous rush to judgment. the number much twitter followers jumps when they post information about high profile crashes. he was the most and a spectator threw urine on him. he is not planning to take any action in the matter. there are new questions about diet so the do and that's after they reviewed other scientist particular -- sign endtive particular --
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scientific studies. the american beverage association said it is only an opinion, not a study so keep that in mind. >> let's check in with sal for a look at traffic. >> let's look at 280 northbound and getting up to highway 17, the south bay has been nice and the sunole grade, that traffic has been good, let's go to steve. we had a lot of low clouds, low clouds in place and higher clouds are off, thanks for the warning closure for flight 214 and their families. we kind of made it out of there. >> their thoughts and emotions as they tour the crash site.
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alameda county sheriff's continue to search for an oakland girl, i will have the latest on the investigation. and we will have more on the stock market coming up next. u
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. operation backpack, we are over on the nasdaq but there are a lot of people who made some money and they have a tumbler acquired by a yahoo and they have 27-year-olds and the kids are the ones who make the money these days, so tumbler
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ringing the bell to get you all the numbers and it is thursday july 11th. here is the morning off. police are searching for a missing girl. an amber alert has been issued for daphne web and she has dark curly hair and was last seen wearing pink pajamas with pink socks. they are searching the home of web's father, here is more. >> the four oakland police officer are there and there are still canine departments on scene and they are here to search the apartment of the girl where she reportedly lived
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with her father. the third form of viola web and her father reported her missing 11:00 yesterday morning. he said he went into a market on the corner of 9s in the store. >> he asked me if tid seen anybody around his vehicle and i said no and i said what happened? and he said his daughter was not there. >> reporter: he said the woman watching the child suffers from dementia and he would only say she suffers from disabilities and may be the child's grand
6:33 am
and the park area regional shoreline where the family often visited. witnesses say there were no witnesses who saw the child taken yesterday morning however we top to be walking with what appeared to be a small child from the area. >> that woman is described as possibly latino or african- american, light skin and her distinguishing feature was long hair and they want to piece is together and again they do not
6:34 am
-- they are not calling him a suspect but they want a better timeline. meantime police are searching for the person who stole a car at gunpoint and drove over with a baby inside. it happened at the west gas station and a family of 5 had stopped to fill up. a man were a gun and a -- there was a man with a gun and they are working to clear the area. claudine wong talked with the head of south san francisco and claudine you are now there and have a clear view of the sal haven't suv. because their main prime
6:35 am
natural you are and it is to leave as quickly as possible and they must make the remay and keep in mind the little off the run way and last night, crane was proud out to help pick up some of the debris. there is a lot of the damage when you talk about debris and some of the electrical systems need to be be use and f fso if testimony and they have to take tests before it can be put back into operation. we did talk to the head of the ntsb about what is next for them. we are finishing some of
6:36 am
our work on scene some are doing field notes and we have turned the runway back over to other officials and the work will turn inland more. put owl all and ntsb says when they turn inward, what it means they have been collecting them and they have interviewed 6 of the 12 flight attendant dance at am at this employment they will all they will try to put together a full picture of what went wrong with flight 214 and it is still early even after this brands up and we get a final report on the crash.
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in the meantime i have reached out trying to figure out if they have a pare idea. whopping wong ktvu channel 2 morning news. a group received some closure last night. they escorted 30,000 family members and they viewed. and it fill clay came to rest and it gives us a sense of how much we miss the runway which was very scary. >> it gave is your and they also gave them a chance to talk about that you are ordeal and
6:38 am
comfortel am and it appears right before the 10:00 news. two men are recovering after fact seriously stabbed at a supermarket. the victims got into a fight with two other men on grant street. one was stabbed in the and dough men, -- abdomen. so far they have not made any or -- arrest. it happened 6:30 last night. one want said he was one of the officers on the scene. >> an important decision on the america's couple are and the end restaurant team from new
6:39 am
deal land and and they had testimony and they give the champion organization 'am and they are deal with another issue this morning. they are they are denying they want $3 million refunded and louie is the main sponsor among the 3 challengers and the guy diaper and coming up at 655. why the brim to could in the area. >> i understand this will, and on san lore reference reand he
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reportedly went into the back end of a vehicle. and i forget am and as you drive across this all meet county and they are there along with another vehicle . be backed up up and metering lights are on as you are heading to san francisco. as you are driving this traffic looks good getting up to highway 17. let's go to steve. and we actually and also livermore more and it will be and i am telling you instead of
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zig and zag, a little low coming in has put in dryer air and there is lots going on in did you ever much and and from it mores 15 we can't make it much further than that because it gets sent off toward the east. part of tahoe chuck e.and reno, i think they will clear out today. tropical clouds are out of the forecast but there are and they have been gusting at and we will continue that and the after tax and you get a west
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form and that's assure sign of a delta breeze, sacramento is 54, ukiah 51 and they were 98 yesterday and you don't have to worry about am wooler breeze and 88th and ben neither. if and for antioch to brand wood, 80s now in morgan hill to gill him and pacific can and 70s on the peninsular and inland temperatures warm up sunday and monday. searched by the fbi and internal revenue service, the new trouble for an oakland
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charter school. we will have more on the latest on the ntsb investigation. we have a crash on 808 nearby -- 880 nearby and we will tell you more about that straight ahead. [ male announcer ] you know that sizzler grills the world's best steaks.
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. john web said his 20-month- old daughter disappeared after leaving her with a disabled relative. crews are starting to remove some of the debris and this morning the ntsb tells us they have turned over the run way to fso. the airport will announce they will reopen the runway since the crash. and they are trying to seal some seek set information -- secret information.
6:47 am
police in newark say a mother and child riding their bicycles were seriously hurt in an accident involving an suv. janine de la vega spoke with some neighbors who witnessed this afternoon, janine? >> reporter: pam, the speed limit is 35 miles per hour but it is unknown just how fast she was traveling when she hit a mother and child. neighbors tell us the boy was unconscious and laying under need and the child am bike was trapped under the suv. a man claiming to be the boy's father was on the scene and said his son was just five years old, both victims said it
6:48 am
appeared the boy's leg was broken and they are shaken up over the accident. >> it still makes me worried for my own grandchildren. i don't like my grandchildren playing out here in the front. and i am worried for all the other kids, and many of them say it would be nice if we had a stop sign or a light here. >> reporter: they are trying to figure out what caused her to strike the mom and her child and they are saying it does not appear that alcohol or drugs played a sole but police are trying to sort everything out in their investigation r ktvu channel 2 morning news. janine de la vega.
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closing arguments are set to begin with george zimmerman. the former, neighborhood watch volunteer said he shot and killed him. and they are not helping u.s. citizens at polling places. the bill would allow but if you porters could am helped. -- supporters say they want to help. they are talking about the senate immigration reform bill but they say they will not even consider the bill and instead of a comprehensive bill like the senate he will take a step by step approach starting with border security.
6:50 am
many are opposed to a path for citizenship for people living in the u.s. illegally. >> and it is south 880 on lou ellen boulevard and you will see slow traffic from washington and we will be backing up to marina boulevard. note injuries and the traffic is already slow and nearby on the bridge it does not look that bad. i can actually see some daylight over there and the flights into and out of this fso, we still are not using the
6:51 am
280 airport and that means some delays associated with that. if you are driving with the toll plaza it is about a 20 minute delay, let's go to steve. fog has made a strong surround it is you way off and they are moving out of our area and there is a lot of rain down in southern california and for us we are dealing with that gray and tropical clouds are not a factor for us. san joaquin county valley and a little low came in and pushes especially on out over the delta san pablo bay and over
6:52 am
lake county mendocino county and we will have few couples and thank you steve. retailers are saying things are better than expected and they are crediting the economy. the gap is supposed to talk about more popular products mixes especially they are celebrating today's date and we have a free slurppy today and we have a huge rally and we will get you more on that. bizarre incident leads to a
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giants' player, what chad did.
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. welcome back, dow jones industrial average up almost a 150 points and it is in record territory if it is to close
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there and s&p 500 500, is also up more than 1% and news of the federal reserve is not going to ease up on its federal stimulus yet. we are learning more about lewd conduct. chad godan was arrested in january after he allegedly groped a woman in a las vegas hot. his attorney said he was suffering from confusion and dehydration due to acute renal failure our. and the internal revenue service served three. and the internal revenue service said they are part of a criminal investigation. last year they found the director say lighted -- violated state laws and the
6:57 am
schools are now waging a legal fight to stay open. on monday an independent engineering expert to by the bridge. transit officials say they still need to study the proposal but they are eeker to -- eager to open the new span due to the existing bridge to withstand an earthquake. because of that motorcycle accident, we have an injury crash between livermore and castro area, now let's go to steve. tropical clouds just didn't
6:58 am
make it almost and they are moving east and out of our forecast zone, very low 90s but temperatures coming down. coming up, developing moments on 2, the continue to searchen what the federal safety team is telling ktvu channel 2 morning news this morning, stay with us. ♪
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an amber alert is still active and police k-9 units just cleared the home of a missing oakland girl. why officers want to speak with people who know the girl's father. >> a mother and child riding bikes or injured in a crash. what police are telling ktvu news this morning. >> reporter: it's been a busy 24 hours for the ntsb. what they told me about the investigation and the heavy machinery that we just saw arrive at sfo in the last 15 minutes. mornings on 2 starts now. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good mog,

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